The Environmental Footprint

Have you ever wondered what happens to the leftover detergent and foam that goes down the drain? About the impact they have on the environment?

In systems that require oxygen such as rivers and lakes, the surfactants found in detergents and hygiene products interfere with the aeration rates, causing the air bubbles to remain in contact with the medium less time than would be normal.

In addition, foam formation on the surface alters the photosynthesis process of underwater organisms by preventing light from entering the water bodies.

All soaps are produced from biodegradable raw materials, oils and fats that have gone through a saponification process. Therefore, soaps have biodegradable surfactants. Synthetic detergents may or may not have biodegradable surfactants, as they come from petroleum, a non-renewable raw material.

Another point to take into great consideration is the packaging. How many industrial products do you know that do not come in plastic packaging?

Handcrafted products come packaged with recyclable materials or materials that do not harm the environment. This could be kraft paper, recyclable cardboard, cardboard, or even a piece of fabric or burlap. The alternative and environmentally friendly packaging options are immense, all it takes is a little imagination and creativity!

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