Why do we forget about tea?

Tea has always been part of our lives, whether to relieve the symptoms of a flu, a pain, a minor infection, or simply to be part of that moment of conviviality or to accompany the reading of a good book.

With the evolution of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, the relief of symptoms became much faster, however, we did not realize that tea was being left behind in favor of a quick relief with a chemical. This chemical with a long list of contraindications.

A large part of the time (almost a large majority!) we take a pill without need, just because we lose that “patience” of waiting for the body to heal normally, in the necessary time, we forget that a good tea and a blanket are excellent remedies for relieving a cold, we forget about onions under the bed at night to ease the cough of the little ones, the right tea to relieve headaches, we forget about the essentials!

Times have changed, but they have changed too quickly and with that change we have been putting tea and its benefits aside because we no longer have “time for ourselves”, to take care of ourselves!

But tea continues in our lives, we just have to look at it again, at the immensity we produce in Portugal and around the world. The properties are so many that sometimes it is difficult to choose the perfect tea! There are already mixtures of teas for needs, for symptoms. We no longer have any justification for not going back to tea, for not giving it a second chance, and by that I mean giving ourselves a second chance too!

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