Why Natural and Handmade Soap?

Soap is a product used daily in personal hygiene and maybe that’s why we don’t give due importance to the type of product we use.

By opting for a natural product, you are opting for a series of advantages compared to the industrialized one.

What are the differences between the natural product and the industrialized one:

When we compare natural soaps with the ones we find on supermarket shelves, there are countless differences that exist, whether in composition or in the effects on the skin when we use them.

The usual soap has in its composition preservatives, dyes, fragrances, products that are normally synthetic. Most of the time, its only function is to clean, however, we end up not realizing that in addition to cleaning, we are putting those same ingredients on our skin every day!

Natural products can be very different from each other, there is a huge number of possibilities for natural formulas with great advantages in use, whether in the large selection of oils, butters, essential oils, clays, natural additives, plant extracts and many other options. positive for the health of our skin!

Industrial soap is cheaper because it is produced on a large scale and with cheap raw materials. Tradição Natural opts for the best ingredients, natural, certified ingredients, mostly purchased in Portugal.

Since the process is Handmade, all products have the same dedication in the production process, the correct curing time so that the soap has the desired consistency and the desired effects.

The benefits of natural soap on your skin:

They are moisturizing

During the saponification process, the glycerin that is formed is used in its entirety, which leads to a creamier and more moisturizing soap. .

Medicinal Properties

In the immensity of the formulas that we can elaborate, it is possible that they have therapeutic properties as an adjunct in the treatments of psoriasis, atopic skin, acne,… through the correct selection of extracts, oils and butters, synergy of essential oils, we can help in the treatment.

Also, daily use of soap on your face helps with acne control!

Essential oils in soap

In addition to the therapeutic properties of essential oils (of which there are many!) they also have the advantage of being able to choose oils whose function is to reassure, provide a relaxing bath.

Are sustainable

During the soap production process, all the raw materials that make up the composition are 100% transformed, there is no waste or effluents into the water!

Natural soaps do not pollute the environment, the ingredients used are integrated into Green Cosmetics, the foam is biodegradable.

So taking care of the environment, we take care of the planet – Our Home!

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