Preserving our planet doesn't have to be expensive!

We have created a range at a very affordable price, so that we can all help preserve our planet without compromising the excellent quality and benefits of our products.

Join us!

Discover our philosophy

Our brand Tradição Natural was born from the urgent need to change mindsets and lifestyles, through a more ecological and environmentally friendly choice. The products are produced from natural and biodegradable raw materials, using manual techniques and with a reduced impact on the environment.

Excellent, natural and with total respect for our hair and skin. Biodegradable and not tested on animals.

Introducing our mode


This modality contains 20 units of soap, or 10 units of solid shampoo or solid hair conditioner. Delivery time is up to 5 weeks.

The product is packaged in tissue paper and without branding.

Now you can buy natural and Eco-sustainable soap for the whole family, at a very affordable price!

Buying 20 units/type of soap will help the environment for longer.

This soap was developed with your family’s well-being in mind with a single shipment!

• Natural and Soft Foam. without SLS.

• No Dyes, Vegan.

Natural product. VEGAN. Zero Waste. Produced in Portugal

The result is a natural product to which no artificial products such as perfumes, preservatives or dyes are added. No animal tests are performed.

The natural saponification process requires at least 4 weeks of “cure” after production, so the order may take up to 5 weeks to be shipped.

If that time is too long, we may have units of the various formulas in stock but with a stamp. If it is a viable option, please send an email so that we can confirm the stock and formulas available!

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