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Natural Tradition candles are handmade, with vegan and sustainable ingredients, produced in Portugal with soy wax without artificial dyes.

These candles last 2 times longer than other paraffin-based candles, They take up to 50% longer to burn than traditional candles, they do not release toxins or carcinogenic substances.

The wick is made of wood, so it burns cleanly and produces a soothing sound for the perfect moment.


The candle cup can be reused for numerous situations:

  • To make a new candle
  • You can plant a plant.
  • To store jewelry.

Just give free rein to your imagination!


VEGAN. Zero Waste. Handmade in Portugal

Available fragrances:

Black Cardamom, Black Orchid, Lavander & Amber


Available essential oils:

Lavandin, Wild Pine

The top sticky label with personalization is a gift, the layout of the image remains, however the name and date are editable.

You can place the order directly on the website or, if you want any changes, order through the contacts available in the online store.

If you want to order the candle directly from the online store as shown in the photo and want to change the label, please write the name and date you want in the comments field.

The value of the postage is added to the value of the candle, which is calculated according to the quantity.

The start of production of your order will be made after validation of payment and confirmed delivery time.

Delivery times:

The production of candles may take a maximum period of 30 days plus the delivery time of the carrier (CTT Express), so you should take this time into account so that you can receive the candles in time for your event. The CTT delivery time varies between 1 to 3 days, but you must take into account any type of delay by the carrier.

If the event has a date very close to your order, please get in touch to check the possibility of delivery in time for the event!


The production deadline depends on the available stock of the raw material and the orders that we have already scheduled, however we will be available to do our best for last minute events!