White Clay Handmade soap

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It is a soap based on white clay and aroma of pine and lavender essential oil.

White clay is the softest of all clays, and has a pH very close to that of the skin. Rich in silicon and aluminum.

It has healing properties, reduces inflammation, has a mild tensor, purifying, astringent, remineralizing, and antiseptic action.

Benefits: Lighten, absorb oil without dehydrating, soften, heal and catalyze the body’s metabolic reactions.
It can be used on all skin types, especially those exposed to the sun.

It is indicated for the treatment of blemishes, sensitive and delicate skin. Ideal for dry, aged and blemished skin.

Natural product, VEGAN, Zero waist, Made in Portugal!

The result is a natural product to which no artificial products such as perfumes, preservatives or dyes are added. No animal tests are performed.

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